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Microsoft Office 2000

Core Certification

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Nita Rutkosky, Pierce College at Puyallup; 2000

Core Text with CD-ROM, 896 pp.
ISBN 0-7638-0255-7, Order No. 04336

Core Text with CD-ROM and Microsoft Office Specialist Ready! CD-ROM
ISBN 0-7638-0357-X, Order No. 05336

Demo Microsoft Office Specialist Ready! CD-ROM
Order No. 38336

Text with CD-ROM and Core Web Course
ISBN 0-7638-0541-6, Order No. 01505

Text with CD-ROM and Core CD-ROM Course
ISBN 0-7638-0542-4, Order No. 01506

Simulation Course
ISBN 0-7638-0364-2, Order No. 36367

Instructor’s Guide and CD-ROM Package
ISBN 0-7638-0256-5, Order No. 41336

Test Generator 2000 CD-ROM
ISBN 0-7638-0525-4, Order No. 60336

onCOURSE Web Site Template
ISBN 0-7638-0352-9, Order No. 41365

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