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Office 2000

Benchmark Series Features

  • Integrated learning of Microsoft Office 2000 suite applications.
  • Graduated instruction, from guided tutorials to independent challenges.
  • Colorful visuals, screen captures, and illustrations.
  • Interdisciplinary focus in solving contemporary workplace problems.
  • Step-by-step instruction that illuminates even complex features.
  • Authentic performance assessments.
  • Suitable for short or full-length courses.
  • Appropriate for self study or instructor-led courses.

Microsoft Office Specialist Certified

  • Includes Core, Expert, and complete texts to prepare students for Microsoft Office Specialist certification exams.
  • Core texts teach the skills required for Core Microsoft Office Specialist certification. Expert texts teach the skills required for Expert Microsoft Office Specialist certification. The complete text is a combination of the Core and Expert texts.

Microsoft Word 2000

  • Teaches students to compose, edit, and publish different types of information in a variety of formats, including Web pages.
  • Prepares students to produce professional-quality documents and to communicate effectively in the context of the academic or business tasks.

Core and Expert Certification textbooks are available for Microsoft Word 2000.

    • Microsoft Word 2000 Core Certification
    • Microsoft Word 2000 Expert Certification

Microsoft Excel 2000

  • Teaches students to create spreadsheets to organize and communicate text and numerical information.
  • Develops the ability to use spreadsheets as decision aids for analyzing and illustrating business information problems.

Core and Expert Certification textbooks are available for Microsoft Excel 2000.

    • Microsoft Excel 2000 Core Certification
    • Microsoft Excel 2000 Expert Certification

Microsoft Access 2000

  • Teaches students to use database structures to effectively organize, manage, access, and retrieve information.
  • Prepares students to design and manage information systems that will help individuals and businesses explore relationships, analyze trends, and make decisions.

Core and Expert Certification textbooks are available for Microsoft Access 2000.

    • Microsoft Access 2000 Core Certification
    • Microsoft Access 2000 Expert Certification

Microsoft PowerPoint 2000

  • Teaches students to create simple and feature-rich presentations for a wide variety of audiences and settings.
  • Prepares students to design presentations that match communication purposes using effective writing styles, visuals, and text images.

Core and Expert Certification textbooks are available for Microsoft PowerPoint 2000.

    • Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 Core Certification
    • Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 Expert Certification

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