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College Resource Center : Benchmark XP 2002 : Benchmark PowerPoint 2002 : PowerPoint Pretest
For each statement, provide the term or symbol that best completes the statement.
A. For complete control over the presentation, start with this template.  
B. To display the pop-up menu that will let you use a pen pointer during your presentation, click on this icon.  
C. To increase or decrease the size of an object box, click and drag one of these with the mouse.  
D. Use this view to apply formatting changes that you wish to make on all the slides in the presentation once a design template has been applied.  
E. Hold this key down when clicking the Normal View button to access the Slide Master.  
F. One method for inserting an image in a slide is to choose a slide layout containing a _______.  
G. This displays important points on a slide one point at a time, and is useful for keeping the audience’s attention focused on the point being presented.  
H. To create organizational charts or diagrams, display this dialog box:  
I. Documents containing these kind of styles can be imported into a PowerPoint presentation from Word.  
J. If the contents of the object that will be integrated between programs is likely to change, then the object should be _______ from the source program to the destination program. 

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