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PC Maintenance: Preparing for A+ Certification
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PC Maintenance: Preparing for A+ Certification
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 Chapter 1: Computing Overview

 Chapter 2: Safety and Preventive Maintenance

 Chapter 3: Case, Electricity, and Power Supplies

 Chapter 4: The Motherboard

 Chapter 5: CPUs

 Chapter 6: Memory

 Chapter 7: Cables

 Chapter 8: Installing and Troubleshooting the Basic Components

 Chapter 9: Working with the BIOS Setup Program

 Chapter 10: Introduction to Disk Storage

 Chapter 11: Disk Drive Interfaces

 Chapter 12: Performing Disk Management Tasks

 Chapter 13: Managing CD Drives

 Chapter 14: Configuring Devices in Windows

 Chapter 15: Video Cards

 Chapter 16: Monitors

 Chapter 17: Keyboards and Mice

 Chapter 18: Working with Printers

 Chapter 19: Imaging and Sound Devices

 Chapter 20: Portable PCs

 Chapter 21: Networking Hardware Concepts

 Chapter 22: Setting up a Windows Network

 Chapter 23: Using a Windows Network

 Chapter 24: Modems

 Chapter 25: The Internet

 Chapter 26: Selecting and Installing an Operating System

 Chapter 27: The Boot Process

 Chapter 28: Working with Applications

 Chapter 29: Managing Files

 Chapter 30: Optimizing and Troubleshooting Windows

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