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College Resource Center : Signature Series : WordPerfect 10 : Overview of Student's Resources

Studentís Resource Materials
WordPerfect 10

This Resource Center (IRC) accompanies the Corel WordPerfect 10 text by Nita Rutkosky and Nancy Graviett. The Internet Resource Center includes a variety of resources for use with this textbook.

Student Materials on the IRC

  • All data files needed to work through textbook
  • Model answers for all intrachapter exercises
  • Self-quizzes for each chapter
  • Study Aids
  • Web Links

Overview of the Text Organization

This textbook is divided into four units of four chapters each. The chapters within each unit contain the following:

  • Performance Objectives, identifying the specific learning goals of the chapter.
  • Introductory material, providing an overview of new concepts and features.
  • Step-by-step intrachapter exercises at the computer, providing students with the opportunity to practice using the feature(s) presented in the chapter.
  • Chapter Summary, reviewing the main points of the chapter.
  • Commands Summary, listing the major commands learned in the chapter.
  • Concepts Check, providing a comprehension review exercise.
  • Skills Check, offering computer skill assessment exercises that require students to complete exercises without step-by-step instruction.

Performance Assessments at the end of each unit focus on technical skills and writing skills.

  • Integrating Skills. Practical computer simulation exercises that require you to make decisions about document preparation and formatting, providing ample opportunity to apply new features as well as to practice previously learned material.
  • Writing Solutions. Writing activities that provide you with the opportunity to compose and format business documents, requiring the demonstration of problem-solving, critical, and creative abilities as well as hands-on computer skills.

Changes to WordPerfect 10 from WordPerfect 9

  • Ruler elements were redesigned and enlarged to make them simpler to see and utilize.
  • Text selection tools are more flexible with the mouse and keyboard.
  • A Tables menu was added to the WordPerfect menu bar; it allows for easy access to the many table features.
  • A new table feature allows you to convert text to tables and tables to text.
  • The Merge feature was expanded to include more records, and the keyboard merge feature was improved for the user.

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