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If you are using a Microsoft product or want to know more about one, it is best to start t the Microsoft Corp. home page and let it guide you through your search. Commercial and practical guidance on Microsoft operating systems and software is available, as well as education-related discussions of the use of technology in secondary and higher education.
Microsoft Corporation

If you need any kind of Internet software, the tucows site is a clearinghouse of the many options available. You can download the software directly from here if you choose.
Software downloads

This site is a software library where you can search and download the software you need or the games you want to play. Be sure to indicate if the software you want is for a Windows or Macintosh computer.

Like other shareware/freeware sites, jumbo categorizes the types of options available, indicates when a choice is needed on your part for a Windows or Macintosh computer, and lets you demo before downloading. A keyword site search is also available.

Netscape offers two ways to create your own Web site through Netscape browsers. One method uses the Netscape Page Wizard, a free JavaScript program. Another method uses the Netscape Creating Web Sites Tool Chest that consists of free Web page templates and clip-art resources to copy and use. Both methods are described and accessible from this Netscape site.
Creating Web Sites

Upside Today is an electronic daily newspaper that focuses on cutting-edge technology industry news. The news is up-to-the-minute but also explores long-term implications and identifies trends. Feature articles on innovators provide extra interest.
Trend and development by major players

Online English Grammar

From Stanford University's Department of Environmental Health and Safety, this site covers the proper setup of computer equipment as well as healthy work habits and practices. It also tells you how to do "office stretches."
Keys to Safe Computer Use

Multiple almanacs (books of facts) as well as a 125,000-entry dictionary and a 57,000-article encyclopedia - all searchable from the same spot.

This interconnected dictionary and thesaurus let you look up a word in both places simultaneously.
Merriam-Webster On-Line

Another interconnected dictionary and thesaurus–with the added bonus of encyclopedia links.

Prepared by Professor Charles Darling of the Capital Community-Technical College in Hartford, Connecticut, this site is well organized and offers good information on such matters as constructing sentences, sentence variety, and writing at the paragraph and essay level.
Guide to Grammar and Writing

This location contains a directory of grammar hotlines staffed by real people to answer your questions by phone and e-mail. The directory is put together by Tidewater Community College, Virginia Beach, and is organized by state (plus Canada).
Grammar Hotline Directory

The Modern Language Association of America answers basic questions about MLA documentation style, particularly documentation of Web sources. From the home page, select "MLA Style."
MLA Style

"Handouts" listed on this page provide comprehensive information on researching, outlining, writing, documenting, and all other tasks associated with research papers.
Research Papers

The University of Victoria Writer's Guide

Strunk and White's Elements of Style

Online English Grammar

English as a Second Language Resource

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