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College Resource Center : Computer Concepts : Computers: Understanding Technology : Using the Companion CD-ROM: FAQs

Using the Companion CD-ROM: FAQs

Q: No videos display when I access a chapter on the CD-ROM. What’s wrong?
A: You most likely have not loaded QuickTime, which is necessary for the videos to play. Go to Apple’s QuickTime site at www.quicktime.com and download the free program.
Q: Do I need to access the chapter materials in order or can I skip around—for example, view the Tech Tutorials, then view the videos (Concepts in Motion), and then complete the projects (Horizons to Explore) and quiz?
A: Although it is not necessary to follow a strict order in working with the chapter materials, be aware that the quiz questions are based on content from the textbook chapter as well as the video segments on the CD-ROM. Therefore, you may want to take the quiz after studying the chapter and watching the videos. Then consider viewing the Tech Tutorials and completing the projects, which are based on the On the Horizon topics from the textbook.
Q: Are the quizzes graded?
A: The quizzes are not automatically scored, nor are results reported to your instructor. However, your instructor could ask you to report your score by e-mail so she/he can get a sense of how well you are progressing in the course. The quizzes are primarily designed as a self-help to students to ensure that you are mastering the content of the textbook and the additional information presented in the videos.
Q: Can I pause a video segment and then return to that location and restart the video?
A: No, but you can restart the video from the beginning by clicking RESET. Doing so will not cause you to lose much time since most of the videos run no more than two minutes in length. You can replay the videos as often as you like to make sure you are understanding the concepts presented.
Q: When I click Print Transcript (displays in the upper-right corner of the window during the playing of videos), what exactly will print?
A: Clicking Print Transcript will give you a hard copy of the script for the video you are currently watching. This printed copy can serve as a review and reference tool in case you have trouble remembering what was said during the video. This feature is also valuable for hearing-impaired learners.

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