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College Resource Center : Capstone Projects / Project Management : Integrated Computer Projects : Student Data Files

Student Data Files

After you have downloaded the files, you will need to unzip them. If you do not have a utility for opening zipped files, you must download and install an unzipping tool such as WinZip or FreeZip. Both downloads are free to the public.

Special Notes: Folders with Web page files must be handled differently. Each Web page (.htm file) has a corresponding Web folder with the same name. In order to maintain the required connection between these two Web components, both the file and the folder must be either extracted or copied and pasted. Simply unzipping will not maintain the connection, and the images, audio, and video files will not function properly when the Web page is opened.

The Client 4 folder includes a Flash movie file named rmsmovie.swf for Project 6, Job 1. If you are using Windows XP as your operating system, you need to make sure you have version 6 of Macromedia Flash Player in order to play the movie correctly. You can download this player at www.macromedia.com/downloads.

Full set of files except for client_2_project_7. Due to the large file size of the video portion of this project, please download that file separately below.


Download individual projects using the separate links below.

client_1_project_1 (8k)

client_1_project_2 (4k)

client_1_project_3 (8k)

client_1_project_4 (144k)

client_2_project_1 (16k)

client_2_project_2 (4k)

client_2_project_3 (12k)

client_2_project_4 (20k)

client_2_project_6 (12k)

client_3_project_1 (20k)

client_3_project_2 (540k)

client_3_project_4 (4k)

client_3_project_5 (8k)

client_3_project_6 (120k)

client_3_project_7 (8k)

client_3_project_8 (8k)

client_4_project_1 (80k)

client_4_project_2 (20k)

client_4_project_3 (16k)

client_4_project_4 (72k)

client_4_project_5 (232k)

client_4_project_6 (472k)

client_4_project_7 (344k)

client_4_project_8 (16k)

client_5_project_2 (4k)

client_5_project_3 (4k)

client_5_project_4 (8k)

client_5_project_5 (32k)

client_5_project_6 (4k)

client_5_project_7 (16k)

client_5_project_8 (4k)

client_5_project_9 (44k)

client_5_project_10 (12k)

Job Planning Form Template Instructions

A Job Planning Form for each of the 61 jobs is provided in the textbook. If you prefer, you can use an electronic template to create the planning forms. Click the link jpf_template.doc, listed below, to download the file to your hard drive. Another option is to use the planning form in the textbook as a draft copy and then use the template to complete the final copy for submission with the completed job.

Use Microsoft Word to access and complete the Job Planning Form Template. A pull-down menu has been included in the form to permit selection of the appropriate client. Shaded areas are included to permit other information to be entered on the form. Save the completed form as a Word document with an appropriate filename so that the master template can be used for additional jobs.


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