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College Resource Center : Capstone Projects / Project Management : Integrated Computer Projects : What’s on the Student Site?

Integrated Computer Projects Internet Resource Center

Student Resources
     What’s on the Site?
     Student Data Files
          Client 1 Files
          Client 2 Files
          Client 3 Files
          Client 4 Files
          Client 5 Files
     Job Planning Form Template
     Textbook Updates
     Study Aids
          Writing a Research Paper
          How to Read for Specific Information
     Practical Tips for Computer Users
          Troubleshooting your PC
          Factors to Consider when Buying a PC
          Factors to Consider when Buying Software
          Creating a Web Page
          Organizing Files on a Hard Drive
     Do You Know?
          How Chips Are Made
          How to Behave on the Internet
          How to Communicate Using Smileys (Emoticons)
          How the Electromagnetic Spectrum is Structured
          How to Speak Computerese
          How to Use Common Abbreviations and Acronyms


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