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College Resource Center : Capstone Projects / Project Management : Integrated Computer Projects : Textbook Updates

Textbook Updates
The following minor errors are present in the first printing of the textbook, but will be corrected in the second printing. Please make these adjustments as you complete the various jobs.

Integrated Computer Projects
Second Printing Corrections
  1. Page xix. Change "RMS" to FSB" each time that "RMS" appears in the list of scenarios for Project 5.
  2. Page 168. Remove "student.doc" and "enrollment.xls" from the list of files in the NOTES section. These files are not used for this job.
  3. Page 176. Add the "directory.mdb" in the NOTES section. This database is needed for this job. It was created in Job 3, but should be listed here in case the student did not complete Job 3.
  4. Page 192. The wording in the overview of Project 8 should be revised as follows: "Project 8 (one job) calls for adjusting properties in an Access database, preparing a customized form and report, and exporting the database table to an Excel worksheet."
  5. Page 239. Change "right-aligned" to "justified" in the instructions for Recommendation .
  6. Page 262. Slide 5, first listed item: Change the first letter of each word to a capital letter, as in "Facility Management & Real Estate."
  7. Page 264. Slide 4, topic 3: Words should be shown in all capital letters to match prior headings in the slide: "COMPLETED CONVERSION OF FIRST AMERICAN PORTFOLIO."
  8. Page 290. Add "appropriate Fill color to the blank row" at the end of the last item in the recommendations list.

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