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The Guide to Grammar and Writing offers solid grammar help for anyone who needs to learn, review, or refer to rules for writing sentences, paragraphs, or essays. Handbook topics are broken down into easy-to-use sections with links to specific grammar issues at the Sentence Level, Paragraph Level, and Essay Level. The site also provides samples of business letters, memos, and resumes and over 150 challenging computer-graded quizzes for writing practice.
Guide to Grammar and Writing

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant is an online writer’s guide and handbook useful for all writers, from inexperienced to advanced. This site focuses on informal, thesis/support, exploratory, and argumentative essays. Links to each mode of writing as well as prewriting (discovering), organizing, editing, and revising strategies allow you to concentrate on steps in the writing process where you have the most interest or need the most help. Advice is also given on Documenting Sources that can be used for any type of essay.
Paradigm® Online Writing Assistant

The Writer’s Workshop is a virtual writing center. In addition to Writing Tips and Techniques, there are Grammar and Bibliography Style Handbooks (APA and MLA styles). Special links present resources for Business and Technical Writing, ESL students, and Writing Teachers.
The Writer's Workshop

Infonautics Corporation touts this site as the "world’s largest collection of topics, ideas, and assistance for school related research projects." Topics are arranged by discipline Art and Literature, History, Science, Business, and Society or you can initiate a search based on a keyword. Once you identify a topic or question exactly, click the "Ask elibrary" button to automatically search for relevant information from magazines, newspapers, books, and photographs in the site’s Electronic Library. Step-by-step guides in The Writing Center offer writing tips and techniques along with ways to organize and complete assignments.

Research for Papers

ERIC is the Educational Resources Information Center, a federally-funded national information system that provides a wide variety of services and products related to education. In short, you can go to this site, ask ERIC a question about anything regarding any type of education, and the system will call up potential sources, such as journals and magazines, from which to select information. In addition to the question and answer service, you have access to the AskERIC Virtual Library and can search the ERIC Database.

EB Online includes the complete Encyclopedia Britannica, as well as Mirriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary and the Britannica Book of the Year. The online encyclopedia includes photos, drawings maps, flags, and other items that readers are used to seeing in the print version. You can also use EB Online to search an Internet directory that contains 130,000 links to Web sites selected, rated, and reviewed by Britannica editors.
Encyclopedia Britannica Online

CarlWeb is a library network that consists of large, regional libraries in the United States. Because the libraries are interconnected, you can search an individual library or a library system (up to six databases) all at once. CARL’s partner libraries offer specialized services such as a Children’s Catalog and list of Novels. Spanish-language search also available.

The mission of the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) is to further "ease of access to and use of the ever-expanding body of worldwide scientific, literary and educational knowledge and information." OCLC library services are vast and meant to serve libraries and research institutions as well as students. However, students may find this site helpful whenever an international source of information is needed, for example, to research a scientific experiment or standard, undertake an in-depth study, build a prototype, or participate in a research collaboration. Interlibrary loans are available upon request and research can be conducted in many languages
Online Computer Library Center (OCLC)

Technology and Computer Links

If you are using a Microsoft product or want to know more about one, it is best to start at the Microsoft Corp. home page and let it guide you through your search. Commercial and practical guidance on Microsoft operating systems and software is available, as well as education-related discussions of the use of technology in secondary and higher education.
Microsoft Corporation

Like other software corporations, Corel offers technical support, product guides, training, and other services to go along with its products. If you are using a Corel product or want to know more about one, start at the home page and then search for the information you need.
Corel Corporation

If you need any kind of Internet software, the tucows site is a clearinghouse of the many options available. You can download the software directly from here if you choose.

This site is a software library where you can search and download the software that you need or the games you want to play. Indicate if the software you want is for a Windows or Macintosh computer.

Like other shareware/freeware sites, jumbo categorizes the types of options available, indicates when a choice is needed on your part for a Windows or Macintosh computer, and lets you demo before downloading. A keyword site search is also available.

Netscape offers two ways to create your own Web site through Netscape browsers. One method uses the Netscape Page Wizard, a free JavaScript program. Another method uses the Netscape Creating Web Sites Tool Chest that consists of free Web page templates and clip-art resources to copy and use. Both methods are described and accessible from this Netscape site.
Creating Web Sites

Technology Trends

Upside Today is an electronic daily newspaper that focuses on cutting-edge technology industry news. The news is up-to-the-minute but also explores long-term implications and identifies trends. Feature articles on innovators provide extra interest.
Trend and development by major players

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