Chapter 1

1. This toolbar contains buttons for working with documents such as the Open button and the Save button.  ________________________________________
2. This toolbar contains buttons for formatting a document such as bold, italics, and underline.  ________________________________________
3. This displays below the horizontal scroll bar and displays the current location of the insertion point.  ________________________________________
4. This displays along the right side of the screen (immediately left of the task pane) and is used to view various sections of a document.  ________________________________________
5. This feature presents commands and options to help the user perform actions in a document.  ________________________________________
6. Doing this in a document changes the text displayed but does not move the insertion point.  ________________________________________
7. This displays at the top of the Word screen and displays the name of the currently open document.  ________________________________________
8. This appears after approximately one second when the mouse pointer is positioned on a button on a toolbar.  ________________________________________
9. Use this option to save a previously created document with a new name.  ________________________________________
10. This feature inserts a red wavy line below words not contained in the Spelling dictionary. ________________________________________

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