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Signature Word 2003 : Lecture Hall : Reviewing Key Points : Chapter 4

by Nita Rutkosky

Chapter 4

Matching: In the space provided at the left, indicate the correct letter that matches each description. Some choices may be used more than once.
1. Length of a standard piece of paper.  
2. Default top margin.  
3. Approximate number of vertical inches of text on a page.  
4. Width of a standard piece of paper.  
5. Default left margin.  
6. Default right margin.  
7. Default bottom margin.  
8. Default gutter margin.  
9. Approximate number of inches from the top of the page at which an automatic page break occurs on a page. 

Completion: In the space provided at the right, indicate the correct term, symbol, or command.

1. A page break displays as a row of dots at this view.

2. Click this button located at the left side of the horizontal scroll bar to change to the Print Layout view.

3. Remove white and gray space in a document in Print Layout view by positioning the mouse pointer on the gray space that displays between pages until the pointer turns into this button and then clicking the left mouse button.

4. Change margins in a document at this dialog box.

5. To move margin boundaries to a precise measurement, hold down this key while dragging the boundary.

6. Press these keys on the keyboard to insert a hard page break in a document.

7. Word provides two orientations for paper sizes—portrait and this.

8. The Vertical alignment option at the Page Setup dialog box contains four choices—Top, Center, Bottom, and this.

9. Click this button on the Standard toolbar to preview a document.

10. Click this button on the Standard toolbar to change the percentage of display.

11. In this view, all menus, toolbars, and other tools are hidden allowing more of the ocument to be visible on the screen.

12. This view displays a document in a format for easy viewing and reading.

13. This is the shortcut command to insert the current date.

14. This is the Update Field key.

15. The Highlight button is located on this toolbar.

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