Chapter 9

Completion: In the space provided, indicate the correct term, command, or number needed to complete the sentence.

1. After clicking View and then Header and Footer, the insertion point is automatically positioned in the ________________________________________ pane.

2. To display the footer pane, click the ________________________________________ button on the Header and Footer toolbar.

3. Headers/footers can be created for different pages in a document, and they can also be created for different ________________________________________ in a document.

4. If the header you wish to edit is not visible in the header/footer pane, click the ________________________________________ button or the ________________________________________ button on the Header and Footer toolbar.

5. Click the ________________________________________ button on the Standard toolbar to see how headers/footers will look on the page when printed.

6. Create footers on odd and even pages at the ________________________________________ dialog box.

7. Page numbers do not display in the ________________________________________ view.

8. Delete page numbers in a document by first displaying the ________________________________________ .

9. Display the Page Numbers dialog box by clicking ________________________________________ and then Page Numbers.

10. Change the beginning page number with the ________________________________________ option at the Page Number Format dialog box.

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