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Signature Word 2003 : Lecture Hall : Reviewing Key Points : Chapter 12

by Nita Rutkosky

Chapter 12

Completion: In the space provided at the right, indicate the correct term, command, or number.

1. Use this button on the Standard toolbar to create a table.

2. This is another name for the lines that form the cells of the table.

3. The end-of-row marker displays only when this button is active on the Standard toolbar.

4. The move table column markers display here.

5. Use this keyboard command to move the insertion point to the previous cell.

6. Use this keyboard command to insert a tab within a cell.

7. This is the name given to the space just to the left of the left edge of a table.

8. To add shading to a cell or selected cells, display this dialog box.

9. Change the width of columns at this dialog box with the Column tab selected.

10. Text in cells aligns at this side of the cell by default.

11. Change cell margin measurements for all cells in a table with options at this dialog box.

12. One method for inserting rows in a table is to position the mouse pointer inside the table, click the right mouse button, and then click this.

13. Choose this option at the Delete Cells dialog box if you want cells moved up after selected cells are deleted.

14. To merge cells A1 and B1, select A1 and B1 and then click this option at the Table drop-down menu.

15. To divide one cell into two columns, click this at the Table drop-down menu.

16. Choose predesigned table formats at this dialog box.

17. Click this button on the Tables and Borders toolbar to add, modify, or remove fill color from selected objects.

18. Click this button on the Tables and Borders toolbar to change the border line style.

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