Chapter 15

Completion: In the space provided, indicate the correct term, command, or number needed to complete the sentence.

1. One method for creating a comment is to click the Insert Comment button on the ________________________________________ toolbar.

2. In Print Layout view, clicking Insert and then Comment causes a ________________________________________ to display in the right margin.

3. In Normal view, clicking Insert and then Comment causes the ________________________________________ to open.

4. Turn on tracking by clicking the ________________________________________ button on the Reviewing toolbar.

5. When tracking is turned on in a document, the letters ________________________________________ display in black on the Status bar.

6. Use the ________________________________________ feature to compare two documents and display the differences between the documents as tracked changes.

7. Click the ________________________________________ button on the Standard toolbar to display the e-mail header.

8. Click File, point to Send To, and then click Routing Recipient and the ________________________________________ dialog box displays.

9. In the space provided below, list the steps you would complete to merge and compare the contents of the document named EditedPetition with the contents of the document named Petition. (Assume you will display the results in the currently open document.)

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