Chapter 17

Fill in the Blank: In the space provided, indicate the correct term, command, or number.

1. The Mail Merge wizard guides you through ________________________________________ steps to prepare merge documents.

2. Generally, a merge takes two documents: the data source document and the ________________________________________ document.

3. Variable information in a data source document is saved as a(n) ________________________________________ which contains all of the information for one unit.

4. A data source document created using the Mail Merge wizard is created and saved as a(n) ________________________________________ database file.

5. A(n) ________________________________________ inserts records on the same page, rather than creating a new form for each record.

6. To create a custom field, click the Add button at the ________________________________________ dialog box and then type the field name at the Add Field dialog box.

7. Insert additional fields in a main document by clicking the ________________________________________ button on the Mail Merge toolbar.

8. Click the ________________________________________ button on the Mail Merge toolbar and the main document is merged with the data source document to a new document.

9. Edit a data source by clicking the ________________________________________ button on the Mail Merge toolbar.

10. A field that is used for information that is input at the keyboard during a merge is called a(n) ________________________________________ field.

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