Chapter 25

Matching: In the space provided at the left, write the letter of the term that matches the description. (Terms may be used more than once.)
1. File that helps save time when marking text for an index.  ________________________________________
2. Identifies citations in a legal brief.  ________________________________________
3. Generally placed at the end of a document.  ________________________________________
4. Generally placed at the beginning of a document.  ________________________________________
5. This is a list of topics contained in a publication.  ________________________________________
6. Pressing these keys displays the Mark Table of Contents Entry dialog box.  ________________________________________
7. If included in a document, it usually follows the Table of Contents.  ________________________________________
8. Pressing these keys displays the Mark Index Entry dialog box.  ________________________________________
9. The easiest way to create a table of figures is to use these.  ________________________________________
10. Choose a preformatted table of contents at this dialog box.  ________________________________________
11. Pressing this key updates a table of authorities. ________________________________________

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