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Signature Word 2003 : Lecture Hall : Self-check Pretests : Chapter 4

by Nita Rutkosky

Chapter 4

1. What view is used to show the margin area as well as the text area?

2. What is another way to access the Page Setup dialog box besides clicking File, Page Setup?

3. What is the name of the ruler at the top of the screen?

4. What is the name of the ruler at the left side of the screen?

5. To display the width of the text line in the horizontal ruler, hold down

6. What is the name given to the margins option when the left margin is 1.5" and the right margin is 2" on odd-numbered pages and reversed when on even-numbered pages?

7. What does a continuous page break do?

8. What does a page break do?

9. What type of page break does Word automatically include to get to the next page?

10. To insert a hard page break from the keyboard, press

11. What is the default vertical alignment of text on a page?

12. What is the option used to make the contents of the last page in a document decrease in size when the last page contains only a small amount of text?

13. Use this option to see text on your screen with no rulers, toolbars, or margin settings.

14. Use this option to see text on your screen with a special toolbar that automatically displays for easier viewing.

15. What key is pressed to update the date or time fields?

16. Which feature creates a colored background through which the text can be read?

17. A document can be divided into sections to which separate formatting can be applied.

18. To remove a hard page break, click Insert, Break, and then Remove.

19. The alignment of text will be displayed next to the I-beam pointer when using the click and type feature.

20. The click and type feature is available from any view.

21. There are two triangles on the Ruler used to change the right margin setting.

22. The number and type of paper sizes that display in the Page Setup dialog box vary depending on the selected printer.

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