Course Performance Objectives

Signature Microsoft Word 2003 is structured for either a one-semester or two-semester word processing course. The text is designed to meet the following performance objectives:
  • Use word processing technology to complete school, work, or personal tasks.
  • Prepare, edit, and print documents using the features of the software.
  • Utilize the online help system to research features and functions in order to increase efficiency in using the application.
  • Enhance documents with graphic elements such as clip art, drawing tools, WordArt, and charts.
  • Automate document formatting with styles and macros.
  • Apply word processing features to documents, including macros, styles, headers and footers, and footnotes and endnotes.
  • Create tables to organize, sort, calculate, and select information.
  • Paste, link, and embed information from Excel to Word.
  • Access the Internet and learn to use the features of Web browsers, including browsing, searching, and utilizing hyperlinks.
  • Utilize special features such as merging, master documents, tracking changes, reference pages, fill-in forms, and outlines.
  • Attach and validate XML schema to a Word document.

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