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Signature Word 2003 : Lecture Hall : Self-check Pretests : Chapter 11

by Nita Rutkosky

Chapter 11

1. Columns must be a minimum width of

2. Which of the following is not a method for inserting section breaks into a document?

3. One way to turn existing text found at a bottom of a document into two columns is to

4. Which column preset option makes the right column of text twice as wide as the left column of text?

5. Which column preset option makes the left column of text twice as wide as the right column of text?

6. What is the default spacing between columns?

7. How is the line between columns determined?

8. To manually insert a column break, press

9. How can the cursor be moved to the top of the previous column?

10. Word balances all columns but those found on the last page. To balance the columns on the last page, move to the end of the last column of text and

11. What is the name for a template in Word that walks you through a series of steps to help you create a document?

12. What is the name of the feature that allows you to insert text used on a frequent basis?

13. What function key will quickly insert AutoText entries into a document?

14. AutoText entry names can be a maximum of how many characters?

15. If Lincoln Land Community College were to be included in an AutoText entry, descriptive and easy-to-remember letters assigned to the entry might include

16. The Research task pane can be accessed by holding down the _____ key and clicking on the specific word(s) in the document.

17. AutoText entries can include several lines of text and punctuation.

18. When using the Research task pane to search the Internet, it is possible to select the type of reference materials to be searched.

19. When saving an AutoText entry, all formatting applied to the text is also saved.

20. AutoText entries can be inserted into a document by typing the name of the entry and pressing Enter.

21. The translator feature found on the Research task pane must be installed before use.

22. To update an AutoText entry, simply insert the entry into the document and make any changes and save it using the same AutoText entry name.

23. Column formatting is applied to the entire document unless otherwise specified.

24. Equal column widths are the default for newspaper columns.

25. The length of a line of text can affect the readability of the text.

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