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Signature Word 2003 : Lecture Hall : Self-check Pretests : Chapter 14

by Nita Rutkosky

Chapter 14

1. A border can be added to a document by going to

2. Borders can be applied to

3. What is the default line color?

4. What is the default line thickness?

5. To insert a solid line into a footer, click

6. Pictures from a gallery of media images that are included with the Microsoft Office suite can be inserted from

7. Additional pictures can be found on the Web by clicking the _____ option in the Clip Art task pane.

8. All of the following are valid image display options except

9. What is the name of the button on the Picture toolbar that allows you to remove parts of an image?

10. To make the Line button remain active until it is turned off,

11. What do the letters HTML represent?

12. To preview a Web page, click

13. Press the _____ key while clicking the hyperlink in a document to jump to the hyperlink site.

14. To edit a hyperlink,

15. A hyperlink can be added by typing the URL in the document, selecting the URL, and clicking the Insert Hyperlink button.

16. In order to see what a document would look like on the Web, the user must upload it to the Web.

17. The title of a Web page can be changed when saving the document.

18. To save a file as a Web Page, select File, Save As, and change the Save As type to HTML.

19. There are some pictures available for use as borders.

20. Word can put borders around an entire page.

21. The border feature can be used to add lines in headers and/or footers.

22. The Borders button typically shows the name of the last border style used.

23. Paragraphs in Word contain invisible frames.

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