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Signature Word 2003 : Lecture Hall : Self-check Pretests : Chapter 15

by Nita Rutkosky

Chapter 15

1. What is the term for a networked collection of computers sharing files, printers, and other resources?

2. What is the Word feature that displays a balloon with writing in it?

3. The date and time and the comment are displayed in the

4. To print comments, what should be selected in the Print what drop-down list?

5. How can a comment be deleted?

6. Tracking can be turned on or off by pressing

7. What displays to let you know that tracking is on?

8. When tracking is turned on, a _____ line in the _____ margin displays to let you know that a change has been made.

9. Which button is clicked to approve the changes made while using the Track Changes feature?

10. The Compare and Merge feature allows the user to compare and display the differences between two

11. When comparing and merging, the results can be displayed in all of the following except the

12. The Compare and Merge feature in Word incorporates which other feature?

13. Where would you go in Word to route an e-mail to another recipient?

14. Where would you go in Word to send a fax?

15. To add your personal message to a particular location in the document, select

16. What toolbar is used to delete a comment?

17. To remove balloons from the Print and Web Layout go to the Track Changes dialog box.

18. Comments cannot include more than one line of text.

19. Rejecting a change is another way to delete a comment.

20. Word has features that enable files to be shared with relative ease.

21. Comments cannot be added to an e-mail message when using the routing feature in Word.

22. Routing a document is different from sending a document.

23. A message can be sent as an attachment or as the body of a message when using the File, Send To option.

24. Comments cannot be printed unless you also print the document that contains them.

25. Comments display as balloons in the Normal view.

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