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Signature Word 2003 : Lecture Hall : Self-check Pretests : Chapter 26

by Nita Rutkosky

Chapter 26

1. A protected document that includes fields where information is entered is called a

2. A check box is an example of a

3. By default templates are stored

4. What key(s) will move the user to the previous field on a form?

5. What form field option allows the user to choose one option from a set of specific options?

6. What function key will open a drop-down list on a form field?

7. What key combination will open a drop-down list on a form field?

8. What is the default maximum length for text in a form field?

9. The text format option that would make text look like this, ABRAHAM LINCOLN PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY, is

10. Which feature in Word can help make a form resemble an invoice?

11. If a form has been protected, how can it be unprotected?

12. If you used a form template yesterday and have not used any other templates since then, where would you go to select the template today?

13. If a calculation is included on a form field, Word typically calculates

14. Once a form has been protected, it cannot be unprotected; it must be deleted and recreated.

15. If the form field type is set to Number, it will also accept letters or other characters.

16. Numeric entries can be included in fields.

17. When a form in a template is created and then protected, the text in the template cannot be changed.

18. It is possible to just print the data associated with a form and not the layout of the form.

19. The original form is used each time the user creates a new form template from File, New.

20. The form feature in Word utilizes preprinted hard copy forms.

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