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Signature Word 2003 : Lecture Hall : Self-check Pretests : Chapter 27

by Nita Rutkosky

Chapter 27

1. Track Changes can be turned on by pressing

2. If you want Word to mark all changes when you edit the document, select

3. If you want Word to mark all changes when you edit the document but not show the editing markings, select

4. If you want Word to display the unmodified version of the document with changes marked, select

5. In what view does Word display text with an underline representing inserted text and a strikethrough representing deleted text when using Track Changes?

6. Which Word feature maintains the original document as a baseline to compare with future versions of the document?

7. Which feature in Word disables user changes to a document?

8. A password to protect the entire document can be a maximum of how many characters?

9. What is the encryption-based electronic stamp you can apply to a macro or a document that vouches for its authenticity?

10. What tab in the Properties dialog box shows the file type and the date created?

11. What tab in the Properties dialog box shows the title of the file and any comments?

12. What tab in the Properties dialog box shows the number of pages and the number of paragraphs?

13. A user can create his/her own digital signature by using what tool?

14. A file with a digital signature is said to be

15. Read-only files allow the user to make changes to the file; however, the file must be saved with a new name.

16. If the password is OPEN and the user types open, the user will be able to gain access to the file.

17. When using the Information Rights Management feature, names can be separated in the Add Users dialog box with a semicolon.

18. The Versions feature records the author's name, date and time saved, and any related comments.

19. The color of individual changes can vary by users.

20. When tracking is turned on, each deletion or other change to the document is remembered by Word.

21. The tracking feature is useful if more than one person needs to review and edit a document.

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