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Signature Word 2003 : Lecture Hall : Self-check Pretests : Chapter 29

by Nita Rutkosky

Chapter 29

1. A persistent problem since the early days of computing has been

2. The purpose of HTML is

3. What enables non-XML applications, like Word, to properly structure an XML data document?

4. Which option in the Schema Settings dialog box describes the schema?

5. What does it mean that XML is self-documenting?

6. What term is used when XML documents are required to conform to the restrictions and requirements specified in an XML schema?

7. What type of data validation requires that some or all of the elements in the schema be included in any data file created with that schema?

8. In what type of data validation can you specify that the data entered into a given element be a whole number, or an Internet URL?

9. In what type of data validation can you specify in detail the sort of data that is valid for an element?

10. A(n) _____ appears if a validation error occurs in a document when working with XML.

11. Which of the following is an XML view option?

12. Which of the following is a schema validation option?

13. Which of the following statements is true?

14. Which method of transforming XML with style sheets creates a solution connected with one or more style sheets and a schema file?

15. What is the purpose of creating an XML document?

16. To retain all of the normal Word formatting as well as the XML information, save a document as a(n)

17. When applying XML elements to a document, you should apply the root element of the schema to the entire document.

18. Elements in the XML schema must be mapped to the corresponding data items in the Word document.

19. If a schema is attached to a document, Word must manually add the schema to the Schema library.

20. The alias name you assign appears in the list of schemas currently added to the Word Schema library.

21. An XML file is typically only one part of a complicated application.

22. An HTML file is meant to be a complete, finished document ready for display.

23. Attach a schema to a document and then map specific data within the document to extract data from a Word 2003 document for use in other applications.

24. The XML feature allows you to identify specific data in files and then extract that data for use in other applications.

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