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Computer Concepts : Computers: Understanding Technology 3/e : Lecture Hall : PowerPoint Presentations

Floyd Fuller, Brian Larson

PowerPoint Presentations

Help prepare for a class lecture or review chapter content using these PowerPoint presentations. In addition to presentations for each chapter, this resource includes a PowerPoint presentation introducing the study tools provided in the textbook and on the Encore CD and Internet Resource Center.

Click the appropriate All Presentations link for a zipped download of all of the resources or click on a chapter number and name to view, print, or download an individual PowerPoint slide show.


Chapter 1 Our Digital World
Chapter 2 Input and Processing
Chapter 3 Output and Storage
Chapter 4 System Software
Chapter 5 Application Software
Chapter 6 Telecommunications and Networks
Chapter 7 The Internet and the World Wide Web
Chapter 8 Security Issues and Strategies
Chapter 9 Database and Information Management
Chapter 10 Information Systems
Chapter 11 Electronic Commerce
Chapter 12 Programming Concepts and Languages
Chapter 13 Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 14 Computer Ethics
Chapter 15 Information Technology Careers

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