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Computer Concepts : Computers: Understanding Technology 3/e : Lecture Hall : Expanding Your Knowledge > Articles and Activities

Floyd Fuller, Brian Larson

Expanding Your Knowledge > Articles and Activities

Articles related to chapter content are provided along with corresponding activities. These articles are referenced in the textbook's margins as well as in the end-of-chapter exercises.

Click a link to read the article and complete the activity.

Chapter 1 Our Digital World
Topic 1: Major Advances in the History of Computing
Topic 2: Enterprise Computing Trends
Topic 3: Enterprise vs. Personal Computing
Topic 4: Continuing Evolution of Personal Computing Technology

Chapter 2 Input and Processing
Topic 1: Processor Installation and Upgrades
Topic 2: Advances in Chip Architecture
Topic 3: Improvements in Chip Materials and Manufacturing Proces
Topic 4: Bus Technology

Chapter 3 Output and Storage
Topic 1: Storage Resource Management
Topic 2: Data Protection
Topic 3: Network Storage
Topic 4: DVD Technology

Chapter 4 System Software
Topic 1: Open Source Software
Topic 2: Network Operating Systems
Topic 3: Setting up a Home Network
Topic 4: Utility Software

Chapter 5 Application Software
Topic 1: Software Licensing Arrangements
Topic 2: Project Management Software
Topic 3: Computer-Based Learning
Topic 4: Collaboration Software Trends

Chapter 6 Telecommunications and Networks
Topic 1: High-Speed Internet
Topic 2: Certified Wireless USB
Topic 2: Interactive Review
Topic 3: Protocols and Transmission Standards
Topic 3: Interactive Review
Topic 4: Packet-Switching
Topic 4: Interactive Review

Chapter 7 The Internet and the World Wide Web
Topic 1: Internet Social Networks
Topic 2: Streaming Media
Topic 3: Browser Evolution
Topic 4: Plug-ins, Applets, and ActiveX Controls

Chapter 8 Security Issues and Strategies
Topic 1: Protecting the Internet from Terrorists
Topic 2: Improving Home PC Security
Topic 3: Virus Detection and Prevention
Topic 4: Surveillance Technologies

Chapter 9 Database and Information Management
Topic 1: The National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (NE
Topic 2: Relational Database Design
Topic 2: Interactive Review
Topic 3: Database Administration
Topic 4: Data Warehousing and Data Mining

Chapter 10 Information Systems
Topic 1: Value-Added Resellers & Original Equipment Manufacturer
Topic 2: Horizontal Market Software vs. Vertical Market Software
Topic 3: Support Contracts
Topic 4: The Buy vs. Build Decision
Topic 4: Interactive Review

Chapter 11 Electronic Commerce
Topic 1: How Shopping Cart Systems Work
Topic 2: E-Commerce Business Models and Revenue Streams
Topic 3: Customer Relationship Management
Topic 4: B2B Exchanges

Chapter 12 Programming Concepts and Languages
Topic 1: Logic Tables and Control Structures
Topic 2: Linear Programming and Simplex Method
Topic 3: Object-Oriented Programming
Topic 4: Working with Pseudocode and Flowchart Documents

Chapter 13 Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence
Topic 1: Multimedia Components in Web Site Design
Topic 2: Media Literacy
Topic 3: Digital Rights Management
Topic 4: Haptics

Chapter 14 Computer Ethics
Topic 1: Cybersquatting
Topic 2: Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement on the Web
Topic 3: Internet Fraud
Topic 4: Identity Theft

Chapter 15 Information Technology Careers
Topic 1: Assessing Your Career Interests
Topic 2: New Career Directions in Information Technology
Topic 3: Earning a Degree Online
Topic 4: IT Skills Certification

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