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Signature Word 2007 : Lecture Hall : Chapter Outlines and Summaries : Chapter 4

Chapter 4

  • A paragraph created in Word contains an invisible frame, and you can insert a border around this frame. Click the Borders button arrow to display a drop-down list of border choices.
  • Apply shading to text by clicking the Shading button arrow and then clicking the desired color at the drop-down gallery.
  • Use options at the Borders and Shading dialog box with the Borders tab selected to add a customized border to a paragraph or selected paragraphs and use options with the Shading tab selected to add shading or a pattern to a paragraph or selected paragraphs.
  • With the Sort button in the Paragraph group in the Home tab, you can sort text arranged in paragraphs alphabetically by the first character, which includes numbers, symbols, or letters.
  • By default, tabs are set every 0.5 inch. You can change these defaults using the Ruler or with options at the Tabs dialog box.
  • Use the Alignment button at the left side of the Ruler to select a left, right, center, decimal, or bar tab. When you set a tab on the Ruler, any default tabs to the left are automatically deleted.
  • After a tab has been set on the Ruler, you can move or delete the tab.
  • At the Tabs dialog box, you can set any of the four types of tabs as well as a bar at a specific measurement. You can also set tabs with preceding leaders and clear one tab or all tabs. Preceding leaders can be periods, hyphens, or underlines.
  • Cut, copy, and paste text using buttons in the Clipboard group or with keyboard shortcuts.
  • When selected text is pasted, the Paste Options button displays in the lower right corner of the text with options for specifying how you want information pasted in the document.
  • With the Office Clipboard, you can collect up to 24 items and then paste them in various locations in a document.

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