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Signature Word 2007 : Lecture Hall : Chapter Outlines and Summaries : Chapter 5

Chapter 5

  • The spell checker matches the words in your document with the words in its dictionary. If a match is not found, the word is selected and possible corrections are suggested.
  • When checking the spelling or grammar in a document, you can temporarily leave the Spelling and Grammar dialog box, make corrections in the document, and then resume checking.
  • Customize spell checking options at the Word Options dialog box with Proofing selected in the left panel.
  • With the grammar checker, you can search a document for correct grammar, style, punctuation, and word usage.
  • When the grammar checker detects a grammar error, you can display information about the error by clicking the Explain button at the Spelling and Grammar dialog box.
  • Customize grammar checking with options in the When correcting spelling and grammar in Word section of the Word Options dialog box with Proofing selected.
  • Turn on the Use contextual spelling option if you want Word to insert a wavy blue line below words that sound similar to other words. During a spelling and grammar check, Word will stop at a word with a wavy blue line and offer alternate words.
  • To display readability statistics on a document, insert a check mark in the Show readability statistics check box in the Word Options dialog box with Proofing selected and then complete a spelling and grammar check.
  • Word uses the CUSTOM.DIC custom dictionary when spell checking a document. Add your own custom dictionary at the Custom Dictionaries dialog box. Display this dialog box by clicking the Custom Dictionaries button at the Word Options dialog box with Proofing selected.
  • The Word Count dialog box displays the number of pages, words, characters, paragraphs, and lines in a document. Display this dialog box by clicking the word count section of the Status bar or clicking the Word Count button in the Proofing group in the Review tab.
  • Use the Thesaurus to find synonyms and antonyms for words in your document. Display synonyms and antonyms at the Research task pane or by right-clicking a word and then pointing to Synonyms at the shortcut menu.
  • Use options at the Research task pane to translate words from a variety of languages and to search for and request specific information from online sources.

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