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Signature Word 2007 : Lecture Hall : Chapter Outlines and Summaries : Chapter 8

Chapter 8

  • Insert symbols with options at the Symbol dialog box with the Symbols tab selected; insert special characters with options at the Symbol dialog box with the Special Characters tab selected.
  • To enhance the appearance of text, use drop caps to identify the beginning of major sections or parts of a paragraph. Create drop caps with the Drop Cap button in the Text group in the Insert tab.
  • Click the Date & Time button in the Text group in the Insert tab to display the Date and Time dialog box. Insert the date or time with options at this dialog box or with keyboard shortcuts. If the date or time is inserted as a field, update the field with the Update Field key, F9.
  • Insert a document into an open document by clicking the Insert tab, clicking the Object button arrow, and then clicking Text from File at the drop-down list. At the Insert File dialog box, double-click the desired document.
  • Navigate in a document by turning on the Document Map or Thumbnails feature or by inserting bookmarks, hyperlinks, or cross-references.
  • The Document Map and Thumbnails buttons are located in the View tab.
  • Insert bookmarks with options at the Bookmark dialog box.
  • Insert hyperlinks in a document with options at the Insert Hyperlink dialog box. You can insert a hyperlink to a location in the document, to a different document, to a file in another program, or to a web page on the Internet.
  • Create a cross-reference with options at the Cross-reference dialog box.

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