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Signature Word 2007 : Lecture Hall : Chapter Outlines and Summaries : Chapter 10

Chapter 10

  • Move among open documents on your screen by clicking the button on the Taskbar representing the desired document or by clicking the View tab, clicking the Switch Windows button in the Window group, and then clicking the desired document name.
  • View a portion of all open documents by clicking the View tab and then clicking the Arrange All button in the Window group.
  • Use the Minimize, Maximize, and Restore buttons in the upper right corner of the window to reduce or increase the size of the active window.
  • Divide a window into two panes by clicking the View tab and then clicking the Split button in the Window group. This enables you to view different parts of the same document at one time.
  • View the contents of two open documents side by side by clicking the View tab and then clicking the View Side by Side button in the Window group.
  • By default, synchronous scrolling is turned on when you view documents side by side. If you want to scroll through each document individually, click the Synchronous Scrolling button to turn off the feature.
  • If you have changed the size of side-by-side document windows, click the Reset Window Position button to reset the document windows so they are displayed equally on the divided screen.
  • Use buttons in the Zoom group in the View tab to increase or decrease the visual display of a document.
  • In Print Layout view, you can remove the white space at the top and bottom of pages.
  • Preview a document to display how the document will appear when printed. Use options and buttons in the Print Preview tab to customize the view and to format text in the document.
  • Customize a print job with options at the Print dialog box. Use the Page range section to specify the amount of text you want to print; use the Pages option to identify a specific page, multiple pages, or a range of pages you want to print; and use the Number of copies option to print more than one copy of a document.
  • At the Envelopes and Labels dialog box with the Envelope tab selected, you can use Word’s envelope feature to create and print an envelope.
  • If you open the Envelopes and Labels dialog box in a document that contains a name and address with each line ending with a press of the Enter key (not Shift + Enter), that information is automatically inserted in the Delivery address text box in the dialog box.
  • Use Word’s labels feature to print text on mailing labels, file labels, disk labels, or other types of labels.

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