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Signature Word 2007 : Lecture Hall : Chapter Outlines and Summaries : Chapter 27

Chapter 27

  • An index is a list of topics contained in a publication and the pages on which those topics are discussed. Word lets you automate the process of creating an index. Mark text for inclusion in an index at the Mark Index Entry dialog box. Display this dialog box by clicking the Mark Entry button in the References tab or pressing Alt + Shift + X.
  • At the Mark Index Entry dialog box, specify whether the selected text is a main entry or a subentry.
  • The main entry and subentry do not have to be the same as the selected text.
  • Click the Mark button at the Mark Index Entry dialog box to mark the currently selected text or click the Mark All button to mark all occurrences in the document.
  • After all necessary text has been marked as a main entry or a subentry for the index, insert the index, placing it at the end of the document beginning on a separate page.
  • Apply formatting and customize the appearance of an index with options at the Index dialog box.
  • Word provides seven formatting choices for an index at the Formats option box in the Index dialog box.
  • You can identify text as a bookmark and then mark the bookmark as an index entry. Doing this is especially useful when text for an entry spans a range of pages.
  • Mark text for the index as a cross-reference if you want the text to refer the reader to another index entry.
  • Words that appear frequently in a document can be saved as a concordance file so you do not need to mark each reference. A concordance file is a Word document that contains a single, two-column table.
  • Use a concordance file to mark text by displaying the Index dialog box and then clicking the AutoMark button. At the Open Index AutoMark File dialog box, double-click the concordance file name.
  • Update an index by clicking the index and then clicking the Update Index button in the Index group or pressing F9.

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