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Text Updates

The first release (Version 1.0) of the Student Resources CD is missing the following data files:

ExcelGGStats.xlsx (for the Level 1, Chapter 5 Case Study, Part 2)
ExcelC06ProductList.xlsx (for the Level 1, Chapter 6 Case Study, Part 3)
LeewardMarineltrhd.docx (for the Level 1, Chapter 6 Case Study, Part 4)

These files have been placed within their appropriate chapter subfolders on the Student Data Files page within the “Computer Lab” on the Student Internet Resource Center. They also are included on the Instructor’s Resource CD in their respective chapter subfolders within the Student Data Files folder.

Important Note for Successful Completion of Projects 1-3 in Excel 2007 Level 2, Chapter 3
Due to an apparent bug in Excel 2007, Projects 1, 2, and 3 in Excel Level 2, Chapter 3 cannot be completed successfully unless students type the formula as directed in Project 1b, Step 2. This file becomes the basis for the projects that follow. If students use the point-and-click method to enter the formula, Excel inserts a table formula that is different in structure. In Project 3, when the table is converted to a normal range, Excel converts the table formula to a reference that includes absolute referencing. Later, when the cells are sorted, Excel does not correctly apply the correct reference with the newly positioned data. Therefore, it is important to type the formula in Project 1b, Step 2.

Replacement Files for Instructor's CD V1.1

The following PDF files are corrected Model Answers that replace the
Version 1.0 files. These files also have been placed in their respective
chapter folders on the "Course Assessment" page of this Resource









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