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Text Updates (updated 2/25/08)

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College Resource Center : Signature Series : Signature Series: Advanced Microsoft Word 2007: DTP : Text Updates (updated 2/25/08)

Text Updates (updated 2/25/08)

These corrections will be incorporated with the second printing.

New Student Data files

We have become aware of some problems with Student Data files that affect student answers to exercises and assessments. The files occur on Version 1.0 of the Student Resources disc (as well as on the Instructor Resources disc). A new set of files (Version 1.1) have been posted in the “Computer Lab,” located on the Student side of this IRC. Students should be sure to use these files as they complete their exercises. We apologize for any inconvenience.

New Model Answer files

Several Model Answer files have been modified.

Text corrections and suggestions for Instructions (updated 2/25/08)

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