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Medical Transcription Web Sites

Online Resources
  • Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI):
    AHDI offers certification for medical transcriptionists. The ADHI website has useful resources, such as health and MT publications and employment information, which help to guide future and current Medical Transcriptionists.
  • American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA):
    The AHIMA website supplies Medical Transcriptionists with HIM resources. Some of the resources available include Medical Coding and the AHIMA’s online database.
  • Medical Transcription Industry Association (MTIA):
    MTIA is a helpful website for Medical Transcriptionist information. The website offers a useful list of professional sites and publications. AHIMA also provides both students and professionals with online resources.
  • American Cancer Society (ACS):
    The American Cancer Society is a good resource for cancer-related information. The website has up to date research and statistics on cancer.
  • American Medical Association (AMA):
    The AMA website offers descriptions and links on public health and medical science.
  • OneLook online dictionary collection:
    The OneLook website is a search engine for definitions and translations. It is a quick tool to help find information about a certain word. Once the word is entered, OneLook will bring up a list of sites where further in depth information can be found.
  • MedlinePlus:
    The MedlinePlus website offers the use of a medical encyclopedia and dictionary. The website also provides access to medical journals and information about drugs and supplements.
  • Rx List:
    The RX List website provides a drug index and medical dictionary.
  • FDA database:
    The FDA database supplies information on biological products, drugs, foods and dietary supplements, and medical Devices. Links to FDA documents are also provided.
  • Advance for Healthcare Professionals:
    The Advance for Healthcare Professionals magazine’s website provides articles on the HIM field.
  • For The Record:
    The For The Record website provides news on health information for health information professionals.
Jobs and Resumes
  • MT Jobs:
    MT Jobs is a website where medical transcriptionists can post their resumes and where businesses can search for employees.
  • MTStars:
    MTStars is a website where medical transcriptions have access to an open forum. The website also provides a job and resume bank.
Medical Transcriptionist Checklist Online Forums
  • Professional Practices Network (AHDI):
    ADHI Offers a variety of chat forums for different professions.
  • Medical Transcription Daily:
    At this site, medical transcriptionists can share information and look for help from other medical transcriptionists.
  • MTChat:
    A helpful forum where questions and answers will be provided about health information and grammar.

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