The British Tradition, Grade 12
Unit 1 Genres and Techniques of Literature
Unit 2 The Anglo-Saxon Period
Unit 3 The Medieval Period
Unit 4 The English Renaissance
Unit 5 Renaissance Drama
Unit 6 The Early Seventeeth Century
Unit 7 The Restoration and The Eighteenth Century
Unit 8 The Romantic Era
Unit 9 The Victorian Age
Unit 10 Twentieth-Century To Contemporary Poetry
Unit 11 Twentieth-Century to Contemporary Prose
Unit 12 Twentieth-Century to Contemporary Drama
Language Arts Survey
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School Resource Center : Literature Resource Center : The British Tradition, Grade 12 : Unit 4 The English Renaissance

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The British Tradition, Grade 12
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 Whoso List to Hunt / Sir Thomas Wyatt

 Sonnet 31 from Astrophil and Stella / Sir Phillip Sidney

 from The Faerie Queene / Edmund Spenser

 The Passionate Shepherd to His Love / Christopher Marlowe

 The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd / Sir Walter Raleigh

 The Doubt of Future Foes / Queen Elizabeth I

 When Thou Must Home to Shades of Underground / Thomas Campion

 Sonnet 18, Sonnet 29, Sonnet 130 / William Shakespeare

 Song, to Celia / Ben Jonson

 from Ecclesiastes from The King James Bible

 from Utopia, Book 2 / Thomas More

 Sonnet 1, Sonnet 47, Sonnet 54 from the Canzoniere / Petrarch

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