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What are instructors saying about our School Division textbooks?

World Languages

I love this new series (C’est à toi!) even though I thought I would never part with the one it replaced. I thank your company for its research and dedication to the foreign language area.”
Bonnie Fiedler, French Teacher, Mellville High School, Mellville, PA

“EMC/Paradigm continues to be an excellent resource and support for the foreign language department at Long Island City High School. On behalf of our department, I would like to say that we enjoy your services and products. Keep up the good work!”
Dr. Deborah Isom, Assistant Principal, Long Island City High School, Long Island City, NY

“EMC’s foreign language series’ has it all. Units are arranged so that students, no matter what their ability, can achieve success. There are excellent practice and reteaching activities, listening CD’s that really work, a wide variety of pair drills, a video series that the students ask to see, incorporated Internet projects that compliment and build vocabulary, plus, it’s so rich in cultural background. Everything a foreign language teacher needs to meet state and national standards, use best practices, and keep students interested in world language study are here in these texts.”
Karen Dingeldein, World Language Department Chair, Cudahy High School, Cudahy, WI

“I (want) to express a feeling of delight regarding your product, the Deutsch Aktuell 1 textbook. Your book thoroughly explained every aspect of my first year of German class. It has gotten me excited about learning German and motivated to keep going with it. I have truly enjoyed taking it home every night after school.”
Erin L. Anderson, Student, Chambersburg Area Senior High School, Chambersburg, PA

“I chose both the literature series and the French series because of the breadth and depth of material. Both series are chock full of student activities, teacher ‘activities’ and other helpful resources that have been beneficial to me.” I am THRILLED with both series and I want the world to know it!!!”
Niels Peterson, Harrington High School, Harrington, WA

“The EMC series of World Language Books and ancillaries are exciting and educationally stimulating. The books hold the students’ attention by being graphically interesting and diverse in presentation and material. They are truly teacher friendly and provide the teacher ample opportunities to vary classroom activities. The service provided by EMC in adopting the series is invaluable and their support makes any changeover practically effortless. The expertise available is outstanding and extremely informative. We are extremely pleased with our decision to use EMC in all of our languages and highly recommend the series.”
Diana Kotlar Tice, Foreign Language Chair, Bethlehem Catholic High School, Bethlehem, PA

“I feel that the grammar structures (in En Sus Marcas, Listos and Ya) are taught in a reasonable and logical order, and that each lesson, while presenting new material, also reinforces what has been presented in previous lessons. The video series, featuring interesting young Hispanic students, provides an opportunity for students to hear native speakers, and I like the fact that they use many of the phrases that have been previously presented in the textbook. Also, I like the teachers’ notes in the margin of the teachers editions, which give me clues to additional and helpful information for presenting
the lesson.”
Paula Dirks, Spanish Teacher, Kettle Falls High School, Kettle Falls, WA

“I did my first Internet lesson, using News Ticker, with the German IV class. The comments ranged from excellent to unbelievable, even from the school librarian who is well versed in Internet programs for foreign language. Please give my compliments to your company on this unbelievable aid to learning a foreign language. EMC without doubt provides the best textbook and supplementary materials for foreign language study. Great job, EMC!”
Joanne Kiwak, Department Head & Coordinator, Coatesville Senior High School, Coatesville, PA

Literature and the Language Arts

I want to tell you how pleased I am with your new Write in Readers. The teachers in my English department were so excited to get them. Your version is the most comprehensive reader's workbook that I have seen from any textbook publisher. The Write in Readers have a wide variety of literature selections from the textbook as well as the supplemental resources in the appendices. Thank you so much for creating a student-friendly resource for reading that high school teachers can use.
Kimberly E. Tiedemann, English Language Arts Teacher Specialist, Richland School District 2, Columbia, South Carolina

“I chose both the literature series and the French series because of the breadth and depth of material. Both series are chock full of student activities, teacher ‘activities’ and other helpful resources that have been beneficial to me.”

“The literature series is a dream for me because of all the possible avenues I can pursue with it as a language arts teacher. The student responses are terrific. I feel like I have an excellent selection of the world’s best literature to offer my students. I have seen a great improvement in my students’ writings as a result of the student writing software. I am THRILLED with both series and I want the world to know it!!!”
Niels Peterson, Harrington High School, Harrington, WA

“Our teachers are using the new EMC series and I couldn't be happier with what the series provides. We now have an ample number of options in what to teach, how to go about teaching it, and better ways to incorporate grammar and vocabulary more transparently into the literature lessons.”
Steve Heffner, Conrad Weiser Area School District, Robesonia, PA

"The EMC Masterpiece Series is a delight to teach from. The literature selections are excellent. Not only do they hold the student's interest, but each piece readily demonstrates the theme, genre or literary element that is to be taught. The Reader's Resource and Reader's Toolbox guide the teacher in developing instruction for pre reading, reading and post reading. The guided reading questions, footnotes, and vocabulary are an excellent aide to student comprehension. I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching with this series. The literature selections have inspired me to be creative with the instructional techniques and projects that I have developed for the students. Writing is one of my favorite things to teach, and the EMC guided writing activities fit perfectly into my classroom as I explore narrative, expository, persuasive and technical writing with my students. This is the best series from which I have
ever taught."
Derby High School, Derby, KS

This is the second year for our district to use the EMC series. I particularly like the way the reading and writing are connected. We write everyday and the repeated practice of daily writing make the students better writers. The selections in the series are excellent! They are challenging, high-interest pieces which motivate the students to read and write better.

Part of the reading assessments that we take is graded on what students write in response to the literature. Their answers to questions are much more complete and accurate as a result of using the EMC series.

The series is teacher friendly and offers many options. The selections read on the CDs are well done. Students' interest is peaked when we introduce a story and listen to some of it. They finish the story on their own without hesitation.

I appreciate the way EMC is aligned with our KS state standards. The writing portion uses the four step writing process. The 3I questions at the end of each selection follow the QAR model. The literary concepts introduced hit our state standards at each grade level. I am very pleased that I don't have to go digging for supplemental materials to meet those standards. They are all provided in the EMC series.
Derby High School, Derby, KS

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