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What are instructors saying about SNAP?
“I love Snap. It has saved me so much time. I'm definitely using it forever!”

--Carol van Wyngaarden, James A. Rhodes State College
  “I have been especially pleased with Nita Rutkosky's Microsoft Word textbooks and, most recently, the new Snap software. Our rep, John Collins, did a very effective Snap training session with our faculty that allowed me to use the Snap software easily for my Fall 2004 Microsoft Word classes! With all the changes in the publishing industry, I appreciate our textbook rep John Collins and the support he provides! In fact, our service from EMC/Paradigm textbook representatives has always been great! Pairing Rutkosky's excellent textbooks with superior service to our faculty is the best we can expect from any publisher! Thanks!”

--Diane M. Goetzinger-Pena,
Delta College
University Center, Michigan

  “This year I tried the SNAP testing program and what can I say – it was a SNAP.  [It’s] intuitive and very easy to use for myself and my students. Creating practice tests and scheduling them for student self study was as simple as 1-2-3. The flexibility in setting grade weighting on scored tests was excellent. The best part though was the Web-based delivery.  No need to have it installed on the college server meant it was available to me and my students off campus and from any computer with an Internet connection.

I was able to set up sections, create and schedule tests and review and adjust test results from home. Accessing the practice tests from home was appreciated by my students. This flexibility meant they could study where and when they wanted – no need to come to the college and wait for a workstation to become available in one of our computer classrooms. 

I know that there is much more that SNAP has to offer and plan to utilize its full potential in the months to come.”

--Diane Blaney, M.Ed, Capilano College
North Vancouver, British Columbia

  “...As far as Snap goes, it is an excellent product — I have been waiting for it — it really makes the teaching and testing processes much easier... I think the product is great. My students like it as well...”

--Amy Levins Smith, Black Hawk College
Moline, IL

  “After having seen a presentation at our college on Snap this semester, I've been able to use it in the classroom and see how dynamic a program Snap is. The ease of evaluating hands-on skill compentencies is fantastic.”

--Ken Howey, York Technical College

  “Even though I'm still learning about Snap, I can see it's easy to use. I also like the way it can test application and theory, and best of all, no grading required!”

--Barbara Ross, Martin Community College


“SNAP is exactly that--a SNAP! It is very easy to use for both the instructor and student. The skill items are set up like the Microsoft Office Specialist tests, so it tests our students' ability for the concepts we're assessing them on as well as prepares them for the Microsoft Office Specialist certification tests. For my online classes, it is so convenient! I no longer need to schedule a lab on nights and weekends to test my students' ability with software applications. I can schedule a SNAP test and assess my student's knowledge with the concepts items as well as their performance with the skills items. One of my favorite features is the Reports options. You may view the results in a variety of formats and obtain meaningful information. I have used other web-based assessment tools, and this is the easiest to use and most reliable one available!”

--Vicki Robertson
Southwest Tennessee Community College

  “SNAP is awesome! has made my life so much easier! I used to spend an average of 4-6 hours grading one class' papers for an Excel or Access lab test, and now it is done automatically through SNAP and the student has instant feedback and remediation with the built-in tutorials! It's great!”

--Excel and Access Instructor, Mississippi


“I love the SNAP program with Nita Rutkosky's books. They are so easy to follow. SNAP is very computer-friendly and the book is outstanding. It has saved so much time in grading tests and the students enjoy doing them online. It helps them prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist certification tests because they are given the same way. Thanks for producing such an outstanding product.”

--Monica Anderson
Snow College Richfield
Richfield, UT

  “Snap makes skill testing effective and efficient. My students navigate through the web site with ease. I have tried several other skill evaluation softwares and Snap is by far the most productive for my students.”

--Jane Jones, Mountain Empire Community College, Big Stone Gap, VA

  “SNAP has made managing my Word Processing with Word 2003 class so easy. I am doing all of my theory and Microsoft Office Specialist testing using SNAP. The interface is so easy and I was able to discern how to use it with very little assistance.

I can’t tell you how valuable the communication of the steps to complete the Microsoft Office Specialist testing items have been to my students and me. There have been a few questions in which students were perplexed, and I was able to look up the intended steps to validate the questions. I have enjoyed being able to set timers on the Microsoft Office Specialist test since this emulates the true Microsoft Office Specialist certification environment. The instructor is given great flexibility in creating and managing assessments.

Any time I have had questions, the support has been absolutely superb.

I just attended a peer conference and several of my colleagues were singing the praises of using SNAP in our session. For the ones who haven’t used it, I convinced them to begin using it. I love it!"

-- Frances Carter
Danville Community College
Danville, VA


“Snap is great! I have used other online testing environments and so far I have found Snap to be much easier to use. Here are some things I really like:

  • Questions can be chosen by chapter or objective.
  • Test questions can be read on the same screen used for selecting. No switching back and forth between windows.
  • Exams can be easily modified and a new exam created on the same materials without using duplicate questions because I can see the questions I’ve already used before.
  • Students can easily be rescheduled for an exam; I simply choose to reset his or her exam. This worked great!
  • Reports are easy to understand and informative; there are so many options available.
  • Students can be easily informed of their Snap codes should they forget them.
  • Concept questions require students to think. One of my students told me that she really had to think about how she uses the software to answer. She stated that the questions weren’t hard so much as thought provoking. I like this!
  • Snap accommodates the many various procedures computer users can follow to perform on the skills test questions.
  • Being able to use Snap in the Word Processing class has been rewarding because I can now determine whether the student is using the software itself correctly or not. A hard copy of a document in such a class only shows the end result.”

--Jo Mariea Torrey
Hinds Community College
Raymond, MS


“Holy buckets, is that Snap software slick. I just created an exam for chapter 18 in the Microsoft Word Expert category and not only did I set up the exam, but the software gave me the duration in which to complete the exam and other helpful information. I’ve heard the college account managers talk about how neat the program is, but you really do not appreciate it until you try it.”

Bill Mitchell
Keyboarding Educator and Author

  “What a relief to have so much support and so easy to use. What did we ever do without SNAP? Great for students, great for the instructor and great for the employer who receives a better trained graduate.”

Cora Newcomb
Technical College of Lowcountry

  “...I have only good to say about SNAP. It is highly user friendly for instructors and students alike. The students find it easy to use, and we are looking forward to the tutorial component being activated in January. That will be a great service to students in remediation of their skills.”

Dorene Thompson
Butte College

  “…As far as the ease of use, I found it extremely easy to create a quiz…I am also happy with the Microsoft Office simulation. I think it [Snap] is a great tool.”

--Sherry Howard-Spreitzer
Northwestern Michigan College, Traverse City, MI

  “…I was pleased with all of the technical support I got when I first started setting up my courses…Overall, my students and I really like Snap…”

--Paula Luft, Black Hawk College, Kewanee, IL

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