Exploring Literature, Grade 7
Unit 1 Finding Your Place in the World
Unit 2 The World Around Us
Unit 3 From One World to Another
Unit 4 A Sporting Life
Unit 5 Chills And Thrills
Unit 6 Taking Flight
Unit 7 Pass It On: World Mythology
Unit 8 Stories To Tell: Fiction
Unit 9 Words In Motion: Poetry
Unit 10 Turning Words Into Action: Drama
Unit 11 Telling It As It Is: Nonfiction
Unit 12 Reading Between the Lines: Informational/Visual Media
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School Resource Center : Literature Resource Center : Exploring Literature, Grade 7 : Unit 3 From One World to Another

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Exploring Literature, Grade 7
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 Hollywood and the Pits / Cherylene Lee

 The Serial Garden / Joan Aiken

 An Unforgettable Journey, Maijue Xiong

 The Inn of Lost Time / Lensey Namioka

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