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School Resource Center : Social Studies : American Government: Citizenship and Power : Chapter Resources

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American Government: Citizenship and Power

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 Chapter 1 Principles of Government and Politics

 Chapter 2 Origins of American Government

 Chapter 3 The Constitution

 Chapter 4 Federalism

 Chapter 5 Basic Freedoms and the First Amendment

 Chapter 6 Due Process and Other Protected Rights

 Chapter 7 Equal Rights

 Chapter 8 Congress: Members and Elections

 Chapter 9 The Powers of Congress

 Chapter 10 How Congress Works

 Chapter 11 The Presidency

 Chapter 12 The President at Work

 Chapter 13 The Bureaucracy

 Chapter 14 The Legal System and the Courts

 Chapter 15 Citizens and the Political Culture

 Chapter 16 Interest Groups

 Chapter 17 Political Parties

 Chapter 18 Campaigns and Elections

 Chapter 19 Voting

 Chapter 20 The Media and Public Opinion

 Chapter 21 Social and Economic Policy

 Chapter 22 Foreign Policy and National Defense

 Chapter 23 State and Local Government

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