Discovering Literature, Grade 6
Unit 1 Finding Your True Self
Unit 2 Learning from Heroes
Unit 3 Adventures and Disasters
Unit 4 Insights from Animals
Unit 5 Do You Hear the Music?
Unit 6 Fantastic Places
Unit 7 Pass It On: The Oral Tradition
Unit 8 Stories to Tell: Fiction
Unit 9 Words in Motion: Poetry
Unit 10 Turning Words into Actions: Drama
Unit 11 Telling It as it Is: Nonfiction
Unit 12 Reading Between the Lines: Informational and Visual Medi
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School Resource Center : Literature Resource Center : Discovering Literature, Grade 6 : Unit 9 Words in Motion: Poetry

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Discovering Literature, Grade 6
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 Elements of Poetry

 in Just— and Spring is Like a Perhaps Hand / E. E. Cummings

 There is No Word for Goodbye / Mary TallMountain

 If You Should Go / Countee Cullen

 The Sidewalk Racer or On the Skateboard / Lillian Morrison

 The Eagle: A Fragment and Break... / Alfred, Lord Tennyson

 Jabberwocky and You are old, Father Willian / Lewis Carroll

 Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening / Robert Frost

 Life Doesn’t Frighten Me / Maya Angelou

 Cynthia in the Snow / Gwendolyn Brooks

 Two Girls… / Charles Reznikoff

 Ox Cart Man / Donald Hall

 One Time / William Stafford

 English Sparrows and City Trees / Edna St. Vincent Millay

 Good Hot Dogs and Buenos Hot Dogs / Sandra Cisneros

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