Understanding Literature, Grade 10
Unit 1 The Oral Tradition
Unit 2 Poetry
Unit 3 Fiction
Unit 4 Drama
Unit 5 NonFiction
Unit 6 Informational and Visual Media
Unit 7 The Examined Life
Unit 8 The Genius Within
Unit 9 Diversity and Community
Unit 10 Cultures in Conflict
Unit 11 What We Live By
Unit 12 Other Worlds
Language Arts Survey
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School Resource Center : Literature Resource Center : Understanding Literature, Grade 10 : Unit 8 The Genius Within

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Understanding Literature, Grade 10
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 A Smart Cookie / Sandra Cisneros

 Curiosita / Michael J. Gelb

 Rules of the Game / Amy Tan

 from My Left Foot / Christy Brown

 from Albert Einstein: A Biography / Albrecht Fölsing

 Engineer-Private Paul Klee Misplaces… / Donald Barthelme

 Flowers for Algernon / Danial Keyes

 Short Assignment / Anne Lamott

 Guided Writing

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