The American Tradition, Grade 11
Unit 1 Genres and Techniques of Literature
Unit 2 Origins of the American Tradition
Unit 3 The American Revolution
Unit 4 The New England Renaissance
Unit 5 Slavery and the Civil War
Unit 6 Frontiers
Unit 7 The Modern Era
Unit 8 The Harlem Renaissance
Unit 9 Modern Drama
Unit 10 Postwar Literature
Unit 11 Early Contemporary Literature
Unit 12 Contemporary Literature
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The American Tradition, Grade 11 : Unit 2 Origins of the American Tradition : To My Dear and Loving Husband / Anne Bradstreet : Activities

To My Dear and Loving Husband / Anne Bradstreet


Internet Activity
Go to Encarta’s web page for Figure of Speech. In your textbook, reread the poem by Anne Bradstreet. Hyperbole is one type of figure of speech. On the site, read the definition of hyperbole and write it down. Find an example of hyperbole in the poem, and write it down. Be sure to include the line number.

Additional Activity: The use of hyperbole is an effective way to communicate a strong feeling. Many times, in order to sell their products and beat out their competition, advertisers will integrate hyperbole into their ads and slogans. Create a list of at least ten products or services for which advertisers make exaggerated claims. State what the claim is for each product or service, and give your opinion of it. Is each claim realistic, or not?

Encarta’s web page

Find a selection of Anne Bradstreet’s poems on Poetry Archives at e-Mule. Click on Poet List and then Anne Bradstreet to find the list of poems. After you read through them, choose one you like and write an explication (or interpretation) of the poem.

Once you have familiarized yourself with her language and style, write a poem of your own using her language, and imitating her style.


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