The American Tradition, Grade 11
Unit 1 Genres and Techniques of Literature
Unit 2 Origins of the American Tradition
Unit 3 The American Revolution
Unit 4 The New England Renaissance
Unit 5 Slavery and the Civil War
Unit 6 Frontiers
Unit 7 The Modern Era
Unit 8 The Harlem Renaissance
Unit 9 Modern Drama
Unit 10 Postwar Literature
Unit 11 Early Contemporary Literature
Unit 12 Contemporary Literature
Language Arts Survey
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The American Tradition, Grade 11 : Unit 6 Frontiers : Introduction : Links



Westward Expansion Resources

The Homestead Act of 1862

Manifest Destiny at Encarta Encyclopedia

Indian Removal Act of 1830 at StudyWorld

Little Bighorn Battlefield: Archaeology and History at Custer’s Last Battle

Geronimo: His Own Story

Chief Joseph Foundation

Dawes Severalty Act at History Channel

Wounded Knee Home Page

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