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Experiencing Literature, Grade 9 : Unit 1 The Folk Tradition : Echo and Narcissus / Walker Brents : Activities

Echo and Narcissus / Walker Brents


Collaborative Learning
Comparing Two Retellings of "Echo and Narcissus."
Once you have read "Echo and Narcissus" as retold by Walker Brents in your textbook, break into small groups of three or four, and read Thomas Bulfinchís 1855 retelling of the same myth at MythologyWeb. Compare the retellings by listing and discussing similarities and differences in the two versions. Do you prefer one retelling to the other, or parts of each to the other? Why? Discuss as a group whether you find the fate of Echo or Narcissus more tragic? Why? Does one retelling of the myth do a better job of more fully imparting the tragedy of both characters? Why, or why not?

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