Experiencing Literature, Grade 9
Unit 1 The Folk Tradition
Unit 2 Poetry
Unit 3 Fiction
Unit 4 Drama
Unit 5 Nonfiction
Unit 6 Informational and Visual Media
Unit 7 The Search for Self
Unit 8 What is Talent?
Unit 9 Relationships
Unit 10 Courage and Perseverance
Unit 11 Journeys
Unit 12 Visions of the Future
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Experiencing Literature, Grade 9 : Unit 9 Relationships : The Interlopers / Saki : Related Readings

The Interlopers / Saki

Related Readings

A Poison Tree / William Blake


Media Literacy
Learning about Blake in an Interactive Online Setting.
Visit the Tate Online website to explore William Blake Online. Explore the interactive activities in each of the exhibitions, and make sure to click on the Learning Tools link to play the Amazing Facts game.

William Blake Online at Tate Online


The William Blake Archive

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