Experiencing Literature, Grade 9
Unit 1 The Folk Tradition
Unit 2 Poetry
Unit 3 Fiction
Unit 4 Drama
Unit 5 Nonfiction
Unit 6 Informational and Visual Media
Unit 7 The Search for Self
Unit 8 What is Talent?
Unit 9 Relationships
Unit 10 Courage and Perseverance
Unit 11 Journeys
Unit 12 Visions of the Future
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Experiencing Literature, Grade 9

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The Program Manager includes a Scope and Sequence and Lesson Planning Guide for this grade level.
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Guided Writing Software Update for Windows

The MediaWeaver 3.5.2 Update is recommended for all users of our Guided Writing Software with Microsoft Windows operating systems. It resolves the following issues:

  • MediaWeaver would freeze up with a flashing toolbar on Windows XP with QuickTime 5.0 or later.
  • MediaWeaver would freeze on startup on Windows XP with Microsoft Office XP fully installed.
  • A display error occurred on the splash screen during startup.

To install the update, click the download link below. After clicking the link, you will be asked where to save the update on your computer. Choose a location like your desktop, where it will be easy to find later. The file is 4.9 MB, and may take 25 minutes or more to download by dial up modem.

Once the file has finished downloading, double-click it to start updating your software. Then follow the onscreen instructions to apply the update.


NOTE: Users who have installed Guided Writing Interactive Software (which includes MediaWeaver) to a non-default location MUST install this patch to the same non-default location. Please verify that the install path shown during update is correct. Use the "Browse..." button to find the correct location if necessary.

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