The American Tradition, Grade 11
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Unit 2 Origins of the American Tradition
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Unit 4 The New England Renaissance
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The American Tradition, Grade 11 : Unit 12 Contemporary Literature : Ambush / Tim O’Brien : Test Practice

Ambush / Tim O’Brien

Test Practice

Analyze Elements of Plot

With your partner, discuss how to answer these questions about the selection.

1. What conflict does the narrator face in the introduction to the story?
a. He must decide whether or not to kill a man.
b. He struggles with having killed a man.
c. He is not sure what to tell his daughter about what he did in the war.
d. He has a conflict about whether to tell the truth in the stories he writes.

What is the correct answer to the question above? How did the information you gathered during reading help you eliminate incorrect answers?

2. Which of the following marks the crisis of “Ambush”?
a. the narrator’s decision to lie to his daughter
b. the narrator’s decision to throw the grenade
c. the narrator’s efforts to sort out what happened
d. the narrator’s vision of the man walking away

What is the correct answer to the question above? Explain how you chose that answer.

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