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Literary Links

By providing these links, EMC/Paradigm Publishing is not undertaking any responsibility or liability for any of the content of information or publications of third parties on the Internet, even if you access them through EMC/Paradigm’s Web site. Teachers may wish to preview these sites before directing students to visit them.

This site is an index of indexes listing individual author guides or other documents relating to specific writers.
Author Guides Webliography

This site is devoted to creating the largest, most diverse, and user-friendly on-line library of poetry. Currently it contains almost 6,000 poems by more than 600 poets. In addition, it lists favorites, a bibliography, and links.
Poets' Corner

This site features a new poem each day, including information about the featured poet and book. It also maintains a daily listing of reviews and articles about poetry and poets from national and international sources.
Poetry Daily

An abundance of links to important newspapers, magazines and journals, news services, book reviews, columnists, search engines, utilities, and amusements. An invaluable source for keeping up with what is happening in the world of language, literature, the arts, criticism, and culture.
Arts & Letters Daily

This site is dedicated to the lives and works of 13 of America's most famous modern poets, including T. S. Eliot, Sylvia Plath, Emily Dickinson, and Wallace Stevens. Based on the Voices & Visions video series, which is periodically shown on PBS, these Web pages give links to photographs, biographies, exhibits, and poems by and about these poets. The video series itself is an excellent teacher resource and may also be suitable for your advanced American Literature classes after you have previewed the videos.
Voices & Visions Spotlight

A great source for biographies and bibliographies of American poets, particularly contemporary ones. On this site one can find a poet, visit a poetry exhibit, join a discussion, or read featured essays.
The Academy of American Poets

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The Internet sites referenced here may include third-party Web sites or resources. Although EMC Paradigm Publishing reviews these sites regularly, we cannot guarantee their appropriateness, accuracy or ongoing availability. We encourage teachers to preview the sites before students access them.

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